There's No Leaving New York

Event Branding, Campaign Design, Typography

In 2018, The National announced their concert titled “There’s No Leaving New York,” featuring a packed line-up of popular indie rock artists including Future Islands and Phoebe Bridgers. To launch the two-day event at Forest Hills Stadium, the band contacted The Collected Works for event branding that would live throughout the city as wild posting ads and artwork on social media.

This concept was inspired by the concert title and the city's landscape; how the concrete canyon–New York City–can often times feel like an inescapable beast. This idea was brought to life through expressive typography that towered from top to bottom, which also resulted in a psychedelic visual that feels familiar to music festival artwork.


The concrete canyon—New York City—inspired the towering, warped typography for the poster design. It also resulted in a lockup that matched Forest Hills Stadium's iconic arches.

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