Brand Identity, Motion Design

Kinly is a modern banking platform serving the unique needs of Black America. Breaking through a system that had long overlooked their clientele, the team behind Kinly wanted a bold look that drew upon the power of community to empower its customers with the confidence to take control of their finances.

We relished the opportunity to build a banking brand like no other, developing a sophisticatedly warm visual identity that exudes optimism. The system of geometric shapes we employed provides their marketing team with an easy-to-use visual toolkit that works for everything from infographics to art to one of the most beautiful credit cards you could put in your wallet.

Generative Geometry

At the center of the Kinly visual identity is the dynamic, generative and continuous 'K' form. Inspired by the brand's mission to create generational wealth for the Black Community, this ever-growing geometry forms the basis of the shape and pattern system behind the Kinly brand.

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