Core77: Now What? Design Conference

Event Branding,
Environmental Design

Core77 is a leading publication and resource for industrial designers. Once a year, they host a major design conference. In 2018, the theme revolved around the experience and challenges of starting and running your own creative business.

The primary mark is a mashup of a rather typical serif typeface (Freight Text), and Zig-Zag, a rather flamboyant and much more zany typeface. They intersect and wind around one another, creating a nice visual metaphor for the conference itself.

It all came together at the event. Hosted at the very cool A/D/O in Brooklyn, a sold out crowd of over 250 people gathered to see 15 high-profile presenters speak about different facets of creative business. The design system lived across everything from swag bags to signage, from huge monitors to stickers, and on apparel and programs. It actually went over so well, that the studio worked with Core77 again on their 2019 conference. Now how’s that for growing our creative business.

Event Mascot

The eyeball motif emerged when we overlaid the two question marks from the event wordmark. We felt that it was a fitting mascot for a conference with a name as quirky and humorous as "Now What?"

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